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I am proud to offer the following services:Customize your training with the most complete training packages you'll ever find.

  • Bronze: $300 in studio: Are you simply struggling with an unruly dog? Are you convinced that your dog doesn't pay attention, doesn't listen to you or maybe just need some guidance to get you through some of your basic training. This package includes six private lessons tailored specifically to your every need.
  • Silver $850 in studio: Are you looking to step it up? Eager to prove your dog can go beyond the basics? Silver training is a three month intense program specialized for you and your dog. See what they can really do. Start to test your limits with 12 private lessons. Want more? Try your dog in a specialty  program. Prove their genius with task training, trick dog, or scent detection programs. This package includes two specialty training classes to see where your dog shines. Test your skills during the six group sessions included in this program. Group sessions amplify your dog's social skills and obedience and are a great way to meet like-minded people. Also included is the Problem Behaviors Solutions guide as a quick reference for at-home training. And to top it all off we'll add in our trainer tested BARK slip lead to kick start your at home training endeavors. Commands include, but are not limited to; loose leash walking, on-leash engagement, sit, down, stand, come when called and heeling.
  • Gold:                     $1,500 in studio

    This is the ultimate, most complete, comprehensive training you will ever find. This package is for owners who are serious about getting the most out of their training and giving their dog the highest level education. This package will take you and your dog so far beyond the basics you’ll make the neighbors jealous with your Ivy League canine. The Gold package can make your dog a social superstar through a three month program of 12 private lessons specifically tailored to your every desire. Find your dog’s intellectual niche with six sessions of specialty programs of task training, trick dog or scent detection. The biggest part of Gold training is our unlimited lifetime of the dog (yes, you read that correctly) group lesson training. Group lessons run weekly and your dog will be invited to as many sessions as he/she can fit into their lifetime. This is upper level training. Your dog will perfect manners around other dogs and in public settings. Also included, to top off your serious determination to elite training will be our trainer tested BARK slip leash and the Problem Behaviors Solutions guide for a take home reference guide. Take your training to the next level. Commands include, but are not limited to; loose leash walking, off-leash engagement, sit down, stand, coming when called and heeling, intense focus, precision obedience and public manners.


    Specialty canine: All classes include 12 private sessions over three months.         $700 in studio

    Task training: Teach your clever canine to help around the house. Whether you are an owner/trainer for a service animal or just want to explore your dog’s capacity for learning, this program focuses on useful tasks that your canine can contribute. Tasks may include picking up dropped objects, turning on the lights, retrieving items, opening doors or whatever you can come up with to teach your dog to assist you.

    Disclaimer: This class in no way certifies or qualifies any sort of service canine. Although it may be helpful to owner/trainers, BARK by Beth is not a certifying or credentialing agency and cannot be held liable or accountable for any service dog teams or their actions.

    Trick dog: Test your dog’s agility and athleticism. The sky’s the limit on what your dog can learn and perform. Let’s put them to the test. If you can capture it, you can train it. This course focuses on clicker training and handler timing to shape behaviors through positive reinforcement. Let your dog impress you with what they are capable of learning through motivation and handler guidance.

    Scent detection: Does your dog need a job? Are they hyper, unfocused or highly driven? Detection is a fantastic outlet for a dog with a strong desire to hunt. Mental activity will tire your dog out faster that physical. Whether teaching your dog a sport such as NoseWork or competition hunting or just want to occupy them with a fun instinctive hunt game, teach your dog to hunt down most anything. Common items include animal scents, cell phone, essential oils etc. Allow your dog to really shine in a fun, fulfilling way.

    Disclaimer: These classes are not geared to medical alert purposes.


    Perfect Public Pup:                                         $750 in studio

     Do you wish you could take your dog with you more often but fear they will be too unruly, inattentive or unfocused? Do you wish your dog would walk nicely with you through crowds and stores, sit patiently by your side while you run errands? This is the class for you. P3 is geared specifically toward teaching your pup to mind their manners while in public and enjoy the new found time they have to be with you without the stress of an obnoxious dog. This course is intensive in environmental, dog-to-dog and human socialization. Intensive in obedience, both on and off leash, this course will facilitate in public access and social manners. This is a three month program that includes 12 private sessions focusing on how your dog behaves in public. With our unique facility we have the capability of taking our lessons from rehearsal in a private sterile environment to out in the mall that affords immediate and real-life public access. The course also includes six group training sessions to focus on social settings and specializes in American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen training and preparation. Concluding the program will be a CGC test for you to certify your dog with the AKC and achieve a certificate and/or title for your registered dog.


    UPK (Universal Puppy Kindergarten):                    $750 in studio

    Teach your puppy more than just basic sit and down. This course is packed full of wonderful material to have your puppy excel at puppyhood and develop into a well-rounded, responsible, well-trained adult dog. This is a three month program inclusive of 12 private sessions geared to your puppy’s ever-growing whim. This course focuses on socialization, leash manners, obedience and turning your puppy into the dog you want him/her to be. The program also includes six group sessions to emphasize and perfect your puppy’s social manners and expose them properly to public settings. Commands include, but are not limited to; sit, down, stand, come when called, loose leash walking, on-leash engagement, and public manners.


    Unlimited Lifetime of the dog group sessions:                  $1,000

     Sessions can also be purchased on a per lesson basis of $60/hr for private sessions or $20/class for a 2 hour group sessions or $10 per 1 hour segment of a group session.

I look forward to working with you and your dog.




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