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My training philosophy is...

  • Balanced- As a balanced trainer I believe in a yes and no answer. Working in 90 percent positive reinforcement, I create motivation to learn and guidance to succeed.
  • Fair- I set the dog up to succeed by luring and showing them exactly how and rewarding them for succeeding
  • Consistent- Through consistency your dog learns faster and understands much more.

I also believe....

  • Opperant conditioning using all four quadrants of the philosophy, which are positive and negative reinforcement and positive and negative punishment. Our mission is to communicate, "Don't do that, do this instead and get rewarded."
  • Counter conditioning- rewiring the way your dog thinks and responds to stimulus.

My training methods include...

  • Interrupt, redirect and reward.
  • Our goal is always to get your dog to reward stage.
  • Our mission is to eliminate stress by constantly giving the dog the answers and information that you want them to follow. Make this the easiest test in the world.

Once you experience professional dog training, you will wonder why you waited until now. I look forward to working with you and your dog.


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