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I am a dog lover first, and a dog trainer second. I know from first-hand experience the difference dog training makes in the relationship between dog and owner. Without professional training it can sometimes be a frustrating relationship, but with an investment in good training a wonderful transformation will occur.

I have been working with dogs and their owners for many years and there is nothing which satisfies me more than to see a happy dog and a happy owner!

My mission is to help you and your dog enjoy many happy years together.

I achieved my certification in 2010 from Animal Behavior College with a continuing education course of Training Shelter dogs in 2011. I have been a K9 handler with Cayuga County Highland Search and Rescue team since 2015. I volunteer with my Belgian Malinois Freya, who specializes in live find and cadaver search and rescue/recovery. I have a background in canine scent detection and since 2011 have continued my education in such every year through seminars and workshops all over the country. I compete with Freya in IPO/IGP (Schutzhund) where she has completed her BH title. I am also an American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen evaluator. I have mentored and performed under international and national trainers in detection, obedience, behavior modification, and protection/working dogs. I bring my experience with working dogs to the pet world to promote strong leadership and relationships, help owners explore the endless realm of their dog's potential in scent detection for fun or competition, utilize their partners in task training and promoting the endless fun of trick training. 
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